Akashic Records

Help access memories and recall information about past lives, It bypasses the analytical mind and activates knowledge from the Higher Self. The Akashic Records are the memory codes held within the light body. They are multidimensional extensions of the Soul and are links between the many aspects of self, including past lives and higher dimensional modes of existence helping to awaken the Soul and align to the deepest parts of ourselves. This session will also help to balance the chakras and clear the energy field.


Light Language

Light Language is a spiritual practice that shifts your energy to higher octaves. It triggers the gamma state in the brain and heart activating dormant portions of the DNA to increase mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity.


Take a step to support your healing journey with healing sessions to support your equilibrium. 


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Transformation & Change Package £295.00

Take a step to support your healing journey and to support your health objectives. 


  • 5 Hours healing treatments (to be used within 3 months of purchase)
  • Initial Consultation and Health Form
  • Setting heath objectives 
  • Commitment to a healing plan
  • Self-care tools and techniques
  • Health & well-being advise and support