My Journey

As is the case with many health practitioners and healers, my journey to helping others started with helping myself first.

I was suffering with depression and digestive issues, I’d tried all the conventional routes and remedies that Western medicine had to offer – but none of it really worked. It all just felt like a sticking plaster over a wound that didn’t seem to heal.

In 2012 I discovered Body Talk – which led me on a healing journey - taking me down a winding path to commence training in the Body Talk system in 2013 and subsequently diversifying into several other areas of healing - some clinical, others adopting a more holistic and spiritual approach to healing and health care.

This is how my healing sessions have developed – out of the realisation that everything within our personal sphere of wellbeing is intimately interconnected. That not just one thing works independently – instead, it’s a combination of many things that create healing and feeling whole.

Healing requires you to go deeper within yourself and find the root cause so that you can resolve it at the point of source. Introspection, self-investigation and an open mind are required.

Armed with the tools and knowledge I used to free myself from depression and the symptoms that I’d suffered with for many years - I am now sharing this powerful approach with others


Caroline Cross


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