If you feel guided to start healing yourself and maybe others then learning to be a Rahanni practitioner could be for you. No previous healing experience is necessary. Rahanni is taught on a 1-1 level or in small groups. Become attuned to this gentle but effective healing modality – perfect to use during these challenging times for humanity, and live the life you desire.


I am dedicated to providing you with any support you need on completion of training. 

I usually I hold the training course in my dedicated healing studio in Wilmslow, Cheshire. 

For larger groups I may use a local venue.

 I also offer Rahanni Healing Retreats in my spiritual home of Rhoscolyn, Anglesey –This is a residential course to immerse yourself in this beautiful energy and extended practice time and chance to go deeper into the fundamental principles and immersion into 5th dimensional energies.

Rahanni Celestial Healing-Level 1 Practitioner

Simplicity itself, it is taught in one day. On completion you will be certified, and able to perform hands on healing for others and for yourself, as well as distant healing. ( After an initial period of several weeks self-healing work- necessary to improve your vitality, confidence and ability ).

Included in the teaching day.

Your attunement to Rahanni, a 5th Dimensional healing light.

A raising of your spiritual vibration to connect with the 5th Dimension

The full original comprehensive Rahanni reference manual containing everything you require.

Connection to Ascended Masters, Archangels and Higher Beings of Light.

Distant Healing procedure.

Healing for Children, Animals

Self-Healing and healing of situations.

Connection to 7 Archangels and their attributes.

A certificate, accepted by Insurance companies world-wide.

On-going support to all Practitioners/Teachers of Rahanni for as long as it is required.

You can also be included in the Rahanni Directory Listing to help promote your business.

£50 Non-refundable deposit required on booking and the remaining balance payable on the day.

Level 1 is generally taught twice monthly.

Please contact me to discuss and arrange a date convenient for you via the contact page.

Rahanni Celestial Healing-Level 2 ( Teaching level) Practitioner

By choosing to attend level two course ,the student will increase their knowledge of Rahanni Celestial Healing and will achieve a deeper understanding of where this healing originates from, and how to attune and teach Rahanni Celestial Healing to others. This workshop is for you if you have been practicing Rahanni Celestial Healing for six months or more, and are motivated to further your knowledge and practice- wanting to understand Rahanni Celestial Healing at a deeper level. On completion - your spiritual vibration will be raised further and you may choose (or not- it is totally your decision) to go on and attune and teach this beautiful healing to others. Level 2 is usually is usually taught in one extended day.

Included in the teaching day:

Rahanni Level 2 Attunement to Rahanni Teaching Symbol.

Theory & Practice of Teaching Rahanni Celestial Healing

Theory & Practice of Attuning others to Rahanni Energy

Comprehensive Level 2 Manual

Teacher Certificate -upon Successful Completion of the Course

Continued support and guidance after qualifying.

Attunement symbols (for teaching - if you wish to become teacher, it is not mandatory )

Connection to 7 Archangels and their attributes.

Course requirements:

Students must have completed Rahanni Celestial Healing, Level 1: Practitioner (minimum of 6 months experience). Students must also display a thorough knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of Rahanni Celestial Healing and bring client testimonials for discussion. * Please note it is not pre-requisite that you must go onto teach Rahanni after completing Level 2.

Upcoming dates for Level 2 Training 

Please contact me to discuss and arrange a date convenient for you via the contact page