Carnelian Healing was born out of my belief that there isn’t just one perfect health or well-being solution' it’s a combination of many approaches and disciplines.

So often my clients strive for a rigid health ideal, that has been described in a book or advertised on social media – in my experience following someone else’s health goal, experiences or healing journey is generally so far away from their own health condition, that they can generally end up feeling unsatisfied, disillusioned and in another ‘ failure’ pattern.

My approach is to provide a healing programme to achieve attainable long lasting results,


Here’s what my clients say:

I've been having BodyTalk sessions with her for a number of years and I've found them to be transformative for both mental and physical well- being

I have healed my gut and my depression is all but absent

Rahanni has helped me feel connect, more deeply to parts of me that had been forgotten

After 4 healing sessions my IBS symptoms had subsided

Wow it was just amazing again, even more powerful, than before.

He came away feeling so relaxed, tired and very loose. He said he didn’t realise how tense he felt before he came to you.

Navigating a cancer diagnosis has to be the most fearful experience I’ve experienced – My healing sessions have helped me maintain my resolve and my belief that I WILL become cancer free

She went into school today for the first time in 3 weeks – wow